Welcome To The Mall

Anxious music video showing pointless obsession with sales.

Designers @Maximkroft & Me


Cover design for Australian band.

Design Standard - @Maximkroft & Me

GH - Fashion week presentation

Presentation of new collection of amazing Georgia H.

Designers @Maximkroft & Me

Coco & Eve 'In Paradise'

Coco & Eve is a luxury hair masque that will work to strengthen, repair, and restore hair.

This video explores the perception of human senses with the product.

Client: Coco & Eve
Agency: Idea & Maker
Art Direction: Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft
3D & Motion: Maxim Kroft
Sound: Brian Perez

Fashion week loop

Visual experiment with futuristic clothing.

Designers @Maximkroft & Me

Bad Trip

Designers @Maximkroft & Me

Brush your teeth

Personal video

- Standard

KB - Mobile Banking - Security

Team ||||

Director: Lubos Vacke
DOP: Vojta Nedved
Illustrator: Long Phi Trieu

In this short content videos, we explained how works pay bank application - Application is protected so you can not be afraid of robbers.

KB - Get started (commercial)

Short sponsoring for a bank client. They wanted to show a transformation of specific car Trabant Barkas from a wreck to a food truck. We decided to create a simple cute execution where we showed how easy is to get started with your own business.

Designers @Maximkroft & Me

Content videos

collaboration ||| @MaximKroft and @BARBORATOGEL

In this short content videos, we explained how works bank application in a funny way.