Johana Kroft - Motion Designer
Johana Kroft - Motion Designer

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Last amazing opportunity to work with my beloved brand Coco & Eve. Thanks to whole teamwork! We did an amazing job together. In my position, I primarily focused on Social Media.I used to work on Instagram and Facebook, Instagram creative campaigns and content, video editing, Art Direction, Illustrations and Packaging design. One of my biggest challenges was to be also a director and photographer what was huge fun! I had the opportunity to take care of art direction, web design and digital campaigns.

I enjoyed every project and I am very proud of my work there.

 Last piece of creative content created by my husband doing 3d motion design. We storyboarded the concept to show a different perspective of the formula in molecules, the ingredients swirling around, the power of the fragrance and being taken to paradise (Bali!) when you smell it. The coconuts symbolise the time spent waiting for the masque to work and the ending shows the ‘after’ feeling of using Coco & Eve  - as if you’ve just been to a hair salon!