Johana Kroft - 2d and 3d Designer
Johana Kroft - 2d and 3d Designer


Student Account // Youtube bumpers


Komercni Banka asked us to create a series of Youtube bumpers and contextual ads to promote their new Students Account. 


We gave the product a face - a no nonsense grandma every 17-year-old is so familiar with, and put her cute meddling in contrast with all the features of the account. We shot a series of bumpers, a 10sec sponsorship of a popular TV Music show and short contextual ads that appeared in your youtube playlist - so for instance if you streamed a lot of music videos, our grandma would laugh and tell you about the music of her youth.


Selecting director, actors and photographer. Managing props. Supervising postproduction and full supervision of the project. Invent proactive ideas on social media 

The campaign has been very successful.